Sunday, 18 February 2018


Boohoo Black Embroidered Skater Dress ootd
boohoo embroidered black skater dress outfit post

Howdy! It's been a while since my last post. Things have changed in the last two weeks. I'm now an auntie for the second time AND I have blonde hair. Two things that are probably only exciting for me.

But yes. On Wednesday 14th February my new niece Willow was welcomed into the world, I haven't seen her yet but I'm planning on venturing to my sister's after I finish writing this post for ALL the squeezes and cuddles.

There's not much more to tell tbh, my weekend consisted of a trip to Ikea, afternoon tea with my bud Emma, then a carvery with the mother. Clearly my quest to reduce my waistline before the big American trip is going well.

Oh, and this rather detailed embroidered skater dress was kindly sent to be from boohoo. It's kind of half way between a skater and a smock (and I do love a smock), it's forgiving and tres comfy so I'd deffs recommend.

And finally. Other than the fact that I'm all about the short paragraphs this afternoon, I'm going to be trying out the Directions Silver Toner later on in an attempt to make my hair a silvery grey and less, er, yellow. I might go wild and film it.

How's your weekend been?

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  1. what a cute dress! and a cute cat, haha. hope you had a lovely time meeting your little niece! xx

  2. Cute and I love your shoes!
    I had the most interesting weekend. I still can't believe it!
    Saturday - shopped with friends; got my first K-Beauty product and first Charlotte Tilbury product; then I got a tarot reading from three different decks
    Sunday - spent time with mom and finished my Korean beginner lessons
    Monday - got a blood test and an evaluation for vocal lessons!

    Now I'm excited <3

  3. I love this dress, it reminds me of a similar one in Zara. It looks very cute on you :) It must have been so nice to meet your niece!

  4. LOVE this dress! I especially love the extra little details like the tie up front and the sheer dotty sleeves <3 I agree with Amita, it does feel very Zara-esque! x

  5. Super cute dress, love a good smock. Congratulations on your news! <3

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