Thursday, 4 January 2018


leopard fur short jacket black skater dress black vagabond boots

So it's a new year. And like the majority of people I'm heading to the gym tomorrow. Such a cliche. Seriously though I'm venturing off on holiday in April where I'll be wearing a BIKINI. So I need to run a lot of miles and do all the weights to get back down to what I was this time last year. All the christmas chocolates, mince pies and cheese have now vacated the cupboards and I've managed to muster up some motivation so hopefully it'll last. 

Another semi resolution is to resurrect this blog. I've been posting photos of myself and my frivolous purchases for eight whole years now but lately I've neglected my little space on the internet in favour of pyjamas and copious tv time (so much Dance Moms). So i'ma up my game with my photography and get back to posting regularly. 

And finally I'm going to continue looking after my barnet. I was totally addicted to heat (woah oh oh) and fried my tresses before stupidly having extensions in. This resulted in major hair loss and lots of tears so I've been bunging it up everyday for the past two months and I'm starting to see growth! Wins.

And finally finally this dress is another Tobi garm, they've got a pretty awesome sale on at the moment so have a peep!

What are your new year's resolutions?



  1. I feel you on getting back into regular blogging!
    A Story of a Girl

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