Sunday, 7 January 2018


Primark Cord Black Embroidered Pinafore Dress
Primark Black Cord Pinafore Dress Outffit

Alas I can't link to this outfit because both the dress and stripey top were from Primark and they STILL don't have an online store. Who remembers when Asos sold Primark? Everything sold out super quickly so it's obvz a good idea non?

This pinafore actually looks a lot better with flats and tights, no idea why I decided to go bare legged for these photos. I've got these flats from Clarks and they go together quite nicely.

So. After all my whining in my last post I didn't actually get to the gym. I know. Fail. I AM going to go tomorrow after work and attempt to run on the treadmill. It's been quite a few months and I know I'm not going to be able to do ALL the miles like before which will be a bit disheartening but we've got to start somewhere right?

And a total change of subject to this weekend's plans which have been a bit non existent. I did the annual wardrobe clear out today so I'm feeling a bit more organised and refreshed, plus I found a load of clothes I forgot even existed which was nice. It's kind of like going shopping when you delve into the depths of a cupboard or drawer you barely open and find some hidden gems.

Oh and I also went to visit my good friend Caroline who was dog sitting for the cutest French Bulldog puppy I've ever seen. Her name is Annie Goblin and I wanted to take her home. Shame I live in a rented flat and can't have a soon as I move out I'm getting myself a Chihuahua and I will be buying it clothing.

How's your weekend been?



  1. I love that dress! Primark really needs to join in with the online shop, ASAP

  2. I miss asos selling Primark!! It was SO handy. xx

    Lucy |

  3. Love the embroidered detail!


  4. I adore this pinafore, I've wanted it for ages but am trying not to buy new! I love having a clearout, it always feels so good <3

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