Monday, 14 August 2017


floral 60s style shift shirt dress with bright heels

Floral Shirt Dress - Boohoo
Coral Heels - Asos

I've linked this dress above and as you can see, the boohoo model makes it look far less frumpier than I do. To be honest as I'm writing this I don't even know if I'll set this post live, because whilst taking the photos and editing them, I just felt uncomfortable.

I know I'm not a real fashion blogger, I'll never look effortlessly cool outside some gorgeous city backdrop and I don't know any photographers who can capture a good angle. It's just me, a tripod, and my phone which I use as a remote. Now that's always been fine with me, I quite like reading those types of blogs anyway, but lately I've had a crisis of confidence and it's down to two shallow reasons. 1. My weight. 2. My hair.

I did a post a few months ago on my hair extensions and how in love with them I was, I'd wanted long hair for yonks and I finally had lots of it. Well. If you watched my vlog you'll have seen the disaster that followed - after a painful removal experience I was left with uneven, thin and damaged locks. It was so bad that I had to get my hair stylist (she didn't put the extensions in) to cut even more off so I could start again. So i'm now left with a short brown barnet and without makeup I look like Professor Snape.

I wont go on about my weight too much, but in a year I've put on over a stone and I'm determined to shift it this autumn. So on a more positive note I plan to get healthier, hit the gym, and start running again.

So that's why I've been a bit awol, I know this post has been one big woe is me BUT it does feel rather therapeutic to bash out my worries onto the keyboard.

In other news I've finally found a new series to watch, the new season of Dance Moms starts soon AND I've spotted a dreamy pair of flats in Clarks. Wins.



  1. The dress is gorgeous and you look AMAZING! Don't worry too much, hair will grow and you look fab regardless. xx

    Lucy |

  2. I like your hair shorter, it will grow back thicker and stronger. Don't be hard on yourself! xxx

  3. I think you're looking great and I love this dress and your hair. Very pretty lady! xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  4. Ah those coral heels are a dream! And yes, Dance Moms is so addictive I am with you there! Your blog is really lovely here, I loved having a read through it.. well done you! x

  5. I think the dress looks really really lovely on you! I find with Boohoo, nothing ever looks like how it does in their photos. Sorry you're feeling self conscious but I really think you're stunning!


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