Sunday, 16 April 2017


The Wet Brush
Brand New Wet Brush
Wet brush close up

This may look like an average brush, the bristles may look like average bristles, and the shape may not look like anything out of the ordinary. But alas. This brush is incredible and I wonder why it took so long to join up with my tangled barnet.
But I already have a tangle teezer! I hear you cry. That was my thought for yonks, but after shelling out £10 on this carefully disguised masterpiece I've turned my back on the 'teezers for good.

But it's only for wet hair! I also hear you cry. Nope. This is the perfect brush for all occasions and it's the perfect handbag size.

So what Im saying is that I'm sort of in love. With a hairbrush. But you probably already know that from the title of this post. And if you don't already own one of these little wonders then I'd highly recommend one. Hashtag not a spon.



  1. My sister has one of these brushes and it's amazing! I use it every time I go to her house. I need to just get one for myself!

  2. I use a tangle teezer because my hair knots so easily but might have to give one of these a try :) xx

  3. Oh no, I can't stand to brush my hair while wet. Even the tangle teezers make me cringe!

    Corinne x


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