Thursday, 23 March 2017


denim smock dress cold shoulder boohoo
blonde hair denim smock dress with open shoulders
denim smock dress boohoo with cold shoulders

Denim Smock Dress: Boohoo

Hurrah! My pictures finally look brighter. I took the plunge and invested/spent a helluva lot of money on the Olympus Pen and I'm so happy I did! Although I did cry a little inside when I saw the cost of the 45mm lens that ur'blogger has  - I just want that blurry background damnit!

One of my favourite things to do at the moment is look at all of the lovely summer clothes on boohoo, set the order from low to high (who on earth would ever set it from high to low?!) and go cray adding everything into my basket. There's so many nice summer dresses on there for a mere £6.... and yes I realise I've admitted to being a crazy spinster with an odd choice of pass time, but small things and all.

I now have an a basket spilling over with virtual dresses and no funds to pay for said dresses. Although I did buy this rather lovely denim look smock dress that's OH SO COMFY. I can eat a billion burgers and no one would ever know! A definite recommendation from me.

Are you a fan of the food baby busting smock dress?



  1. This is such a gorgeous outfit! Also love how you did your hair!

    Sarah x

  2. I love it, it's super cute! I also worry so much about length of short dresses, as they just don't even cover my bum! I can't be doing that look now I'm old. haha xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  3. Your hair looks so amazing here! I looove this dress, a dark denim version would be the dream. I can imagine wearing it with gladiator sandals in the summer.

    T x

  4. I just love wearing denim everything! This looks so cute, I haven't caught onto this cold shoulder trend yet, maybe this Summer will be my time!

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