Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Top: Topshop
Jeans: Levis
Heels: c/o 4th & Reckless
Leopard Coat: Newlook

Oh. Once again my flies have done that weird twisty thing. They're not undone I promise, they're just on the wonk.

Also. Do people use c/o anymore? I was sent these super nice grey heels by the lovely folk at 4th & Reckless, and I'm so far out of the blogging circles nowadays that I don't know the correct terminology for something that has been gifted. Either way they fit oh so well and they're really comfortable, a definite recommendation.

Today has been a day of firsts. I won my first blogging giveaway thanks to Jenny AND I just ate my first ever viennese whirl. What a wild evening. I'm also nursing sore legs after my first gym visit in months yesterday, I'm determined to get back on the ol' gymming waggon and have a hot bod before I hit 30 in September. Although that viennese whirl thinks differently...

And that's about as exciting as my week has been so far. Ah I lie. Things got pretty exciting in Ex On The Beach didn't they? Poor Zaralina.



  1. ooh, that top and the heels are both so cute! and good luck on the gymming, hehe! xx

  2. I did my first gym visit in months last week and I've given in already oops


    Victoria | Victoria's Vintage

  3. Looks great! I love the coat, it pulls it altogether so well. You in the jeans too- yes girl! xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  4. Was scrolling down the page and thought 'oh, love the top, love the jeans... OMG LOVE THE COAT". I've seen leopard print on other people and admire how great it looks on them but I'm not sure if I'm cool enough to pull it off. I think the blonde hair makes it look stylish too. (FOREVER WISHING I HAD BLONDE HAIR!!!) x

  5. Lovely outfit! That coat is so cute. I'm shocked you never had a viennese swirl before! They are the best!

  6. Those heels are gorgeous!! I love the coat too, wish I had bought it when it came in a few months back!!xx

    Lucy x |

  7. english-language-requirements

  8. This is such a lovely post - I love the pink shade, it's so beautiful and perfect for this time of year, through to spring too! Beautiful!

    Layla xx

  9. Such a cute little outfit! How have you not tried Viennese Whirls Before!?

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

  10. Looks great! I love the coat, it pulls it altogether so well. You in the jeans too- yes girl!

    Nail Art Design

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