Monday, 26 December 2016


makeup revoluution contour and highlight MAKEUP REVOLUTION CONTOUR HIGHLIGHT KIT primark contour face brush makeup revolution contour swatch

I don't normally contour as I'm pretty heavy handed, meaning I slather on products and usually end up looking like I've been rolling around in mud. But I've piled on a bit of Christmas excess (or December excess) and as a result, my face has gone a little rounder - so instead of going to the gym, for now I'm trying contouring.

This contour, highlight  and bronzer kit from Makeup Revolution was a mere £3.50, and my rationale was that it wouldn't be a waste of dollar if I ended up looking like a swamp monster. But alas I did not! Teamed with the cheap and cheerful duo fibre brush from Primark, the contour shade applies really well and is the perfect 'medium' shade for all skin tones. It reminds me a little bit of Hoola by benefit and doesn't go streaky at all.

The bronzer is quite orangey but it works really well if I'm tanned to the max with my usual L'oreal Sublime Bronze, which does have a bit of an orange tint to it.

The only thing that isn't that impressive is the highlight, even with my heavy hands you can't really see a difference, and at this time of year I want to be shining bright like a diamonnnnd. The Makeup Revolution strobing highlight is far better in my opinion.

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?



  1. This actually looks pretty nice I might give it a swatch (love the pigmentation on your swatches!). I normally use the Charlotte Tilbury one or the Sleek one (which I think is a decent dupe to CT). Your photos are amazing - did you get a new lens? x

  2. I really like the Freedom Contour Duo as it's not too range at all xx

  3. Wow for £3.50 I really wasn't expecting the pigmentation to be that good sucks the highlighter doesnt show up much


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous - I love this brush!! It looks so pretty and Makeup revolution seem to be bringing out some incredible products! :)

    Layla xxx

  5. The pigmentation is SO good considering the price *.*
    Shame the highlight didn't show up so well, but for £3.50 it's still not a bad deal! Haha ^.^


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