Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Is it too early for a Christmas Related Post?

I do not know about you, but for me it seems that every year the Christmas season seems to start earlier. This year, is no exception. All of the big retailers are already advertising. Seeing it all got me thinking about what I needed to get done to be ready for the big day.
Present buying is right up there. It is one of the most time consuming seasonal tasks, so I like to get started early, so have been thinking about what to buy the men in my life. I know from chatting to my friends that buying for boyfriends, husbands, brothers, uncles and dads can be tricky, so I thought a piece on ‘gifts for men’ would be something you would all appreciate.
What man does not love a gadget? Most do, so they make a great gift, especially if they are hobby related.
Big boy’s toys
Toys also make good gifts. Most men want the latest game, or console. Drones and radio-controlled cars are also great fun, so are well worth considering too.
It is clear from the displays and adverts in the shops that men's jumpers are set to be a popular gift, this year. Most retailers are really pushing them. In fact, all types of knitwear, including old school beanie hat and scarf sets are everywhere in the shops. I am not sure why that is. Let’s hope it does not mean that we are in for a cold winter. Regardless, I know that anything that keeps the chill off makes a welcome gift, so someone on my list is definitely going to get a jumper.
A new watch is also a good gift, and there is plenty of choice. Smart watches are sought after, but they are expensive. For those on a tighter budget a new dress watch or one with health monitoring built in is a good alternative.
Most men hate shopping for underwear, so that can be a good gift too. Obviously, it is not the sort of thing you buy your secret Santa. If you do decide to go down the underwear route, in that situation, it is probably best to stick with socks.
But, for your nearest and dearest, underwear is a great gift. It works really well as a stocking filler. Just be sure to hang onto the receipt. There really is nothing worse than wearing underwear that does not quite fit, so always give them the chance to change them if they want to.
Start your shopping early

If like me, you love a bargain I highly recommend shopping in the Black Friday sales. You get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way early, spread the cost, and pay less for your presents. Spreading present buying out in that way is also less stressful, so I have gotten into the habit of doing it every year. If you have not tried this way of shopping, yet I highly recommend that you do.

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