Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A White Crochet Smock Dress

white crochet smock dress boohoo boohoo smock dress lob haircut auburn lob haircut

Dress: £12 Boohoo
Boots: Vagabond, similar here 

So my barnet no longer looks like this, my usual Schwarzkopf dye had sold out and I stupidly reached for an alternative. It turned my head orange. I rocked it (or attempted to) for a few weeks but I'm now back to my usual dark blonde and longing for extensions.

I think I tried to express my feelings for said hair disaster in the third photo...

Today has been a bit odd. I forgot I'd made plans to attend a pub quiz, drove last minute to the pub quiz, couldn't park, so drove away quizless. Then my friend told me they'd lost pretty badly which makes me think I'm the team's secret weapon, despite them not using my awesome quiz team names.

Quizzy Maguire, Quiz and Tyrone, Kenickie and Quizzo, Quiz McDonald. The list is endless.



  1. What a pretty dress!
    Also I'm all for Quizzy Maguire.

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