Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Matrix Total Results: So Long Damage Review

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When I had my hair dyed back blonde (before going back brown again, sigh), my hairdresser used Matrix hair colour and suggested I give one of the shampoo and conditioners a try as it might help my locks stay in an average condition.

I eagerly took to the internet, lookfantastic and feelunique both had offers on so I went with the "So Long Damage" because, well, my hair was damaged TF. At around £12 for both it's not the most expensive of hair cleaners, and Total Results is the more affordable range from Matrix so I wasn't expecting miracles.

Alas, miracles I did not get. A lovely smelling bottle of shampoo and conditioner later and my barnet is, if anything, worse than before. I had a bath yesterday and the amount of ends that were left taunting me when I emptied the water out was both saddening and a little frightening.

I'm not blaming the shampoo, I'm blaming my own stupidity for going brown, then having two sessions of full-head foils, then going back brown again. My hair hates me. It wants me to leave it alone. It doesn't want to live on my head anymore.

I just thought this might have made things the tiniest bit better. Sadly it didn't. But as I said, it did smell nice. But so does Aussie and you can get that a lot cheaper.

So I wouldn't really recommend the Matrix Total Results So Long Damage for anyone with damaged hair because, well, my locks still look rubbish. So much so that I'm attempting a lob.

In the meantime does anyone have any product suggestions that'll stop me from malting?!



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