Sunday, 30 October 2016

Mac So Chaud Lipstick - Orange Is The New Red

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I want to be brave this winter and wear a red lip. I like them. But I fear I look a bit like the joker every time I attempt one.

Mac's So Chaud is more of a deep orange than a red, and I've found it looks way better when I keep my skin au natural and let the freckles do their thing. Saying that I reckon it'll also look great with a natural tan, it's just a wonderful little all-rounder.

The finish is matte, which in Mac terms isn't overly matte and I prefer it that way. The formula isn't drying at all and doesn't emphasise any wintery chapped lips, which is a win considering how darn cold it's been recently!

The colour lasts a rather long time and as with all matte lipsticks from Mac, it's smoother on the lips than Selasi from Bake Off listening to Trevor Nelson.

Have you tried So Chaud?


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  2. That's a fab colour on you! I don't wear bright reds as often these days but my favourite is Tom Ford's Flame - kind of a prized possession seeing how stupidly expensive they are! Mac's Russian Red is a close second!

  3. This is such a gorgeous colour on you! I haven't tried this but really on the look out for a good orangey-red for Christmas. Blue-reds are my normal go-to so it's good to mix it up. I'll check this out, thank you. xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx


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