Sunday, 9 October 2016

Flat / Apartment Workspace: Where I Blog

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When I first moved into this flat I was all of a muddle trying to decide between a dining table (err for all those super cultured dinner parties I hold...) or a desk. Then I realised I can't cook, I don't like making food, and people don't generally come round for dinner, so a desk it was.

This was actually just a plank of wood I took home from work, shoved these table legs from Ikea onto it, and covered it in this sticky back plastic from B&Q. The whole thing cost just over a tenner and the million cups of tea I had to make my friend Caroline for helping me (doing all the work) whilst I watched.

The trolley, chair, photo frame, picture ledge, and fake greenary were also bought during the million visits to Ikea before I moved in - I consumed SO MANY meatballs during this time but also ended up getting a little colour scheme of pink, blue, and coral going on that started to take over the whole flat.

I realise my trolley looks a little empty, the plan is to eventually fill it with ALL THE  pretty stationary, I'm thinking hard backed notebooks and rose gold random items I probably don't need. The cushion and Kate Spade notebook were actually sent to me from the online site Rooi, which sells all sorts of homey items to make your abode pretty. I went for this chevron cushion mainly because if I sit in the same place for too long my bum REALLY hurts, I don't know why I chose green but it kind of works with the mish-mash of colours...I hope. The notebook is going to be the start of my plethora of beautiful stationary, which will never actually happen because my handwriting is atrocious and it tends to ruin all the nice pages.

So there's where I get my blog on! If I attempt to do anything on the sofa it ends up being a write off after 5 minutes thanks to Dinner Date, Ex on the Beach, Bakeoff, and other viewing gold. So usually I just play music and bop my head along as I'm writing away.

Changing the subject completely, today I did my firs ever mud run. It was muddy. And cold. And I swam in a lake and forgot my towel. But it was rather fun!


  1. I love your little workspace!! Im still a sofa slog though, I pop my earphones in play some motivational music and I get typing away.


  2. Such a lovely post idea! Your workspace is so lovely, i especially love all the little pops of colour! If you're looking for cute stationery to fill your trolley, I'd really recommend raiding Homesense or TK Maxx, they have an amazing selection!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. What a nice workspace! I love how you put the table together.

    Belle in Black and White

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