Monday, 19 September 2016

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter: Radiant Lights

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I bought the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter as just a regular highlight. Because as much as I like beauty and read a tonne of blogs, I STILL don't really understand the concept of strobing.

So I just googled it. "Loss of continuity sometimes seen in lines and stripes in a television picture". I don't really want a lack of continuity in my face and I definitely don't want to be stripey....

Turns out strobing is just excessive highlight. Which I suppose is what I do anyway. You can definitely achieve this with Radiant Lights (this shade) as it's ridiculously pigmented and sort of sits above the skin, so it doesn't get lost in a layer of foundation. Because it has such a good colour pay off you don't need anything dense to apply this, I use a fan brush which seems to do the trick as the application is more "sweep" than "pack".

It's not the most subtle of highlights but that's not its purpose, the Makeup Revolution website even says you can apply it wet for an even more intense look, the glowyer the better I suppose.

And the cost of looking all illuminated and fresh faced I hear you say? Just three English pounds! I've used this every day since swiping it from the ransaked-by-teens stand in Superdrug, so for me it's definitely worth the dollar.

What're your favourite highlighting/strobing products?


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