Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Benefit High Beam Review

benefit high beam highlight review benefit high beam

I've lost track of the new releases Benefit have bought out over the last year or so, but High Beam is one of their cult products and one I'd only ever owned as a mini freebie. Way back in 2011 as a young whippersnapper I compared it with it's cheaper dupe Beat The Blues but didn't really give High Beam the recognition it deserves.

So High Beam is a liquid highlight in a champagne pink colour that's ideal for pale skin. I am partial to a bronzy highlight but they can look a little muddy, especially without fake tan. This pearly colour is more of a "oooh your skin looks extra dewy" rather than "look at that glow!", which is probably more season appropriate.

Benefit say it can be applied to pretty much every crevice (shudder) on the face, and whilst this might work for some, I tend to only use it on the little amount of cheekbone I have. Apparently you can get extra radiant skin if you mix a few drops with foundation too, something I might go wild with and trial tomorrow.
I use the nail polish esque applicator to draw weird upside down ticks on my face before smearing it in with a real techniques stippling brush. It makes me look sprightly and lasts 'till the end of the day.

At £19.50 it's not exactly cheap but it'll last FOREVER and you'll constantly be fresh faced. Wins.



  1. It's such an absolute beauty! It lasts forever too xx

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