Thursday, 8 September 2016

Being A Semi Bridesmaid: The Asos Kate Dress

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Asos Kate Dress
Newlook Nude Heels

Pleas excuse my very yellowy hair in these snaps, I'd like to say it was down to the lighting but alas my locks were in the pre toner stage in my quest to go back blonde from brown. But now I think I want to be brown again, decisions decisions.

I purchased this dress back in June to be a semi bridesmaid for my sister, she actually got hitched in Las Vegas (sadly not by Elvis) the month before but then decided to have a sort of post wedding wedding with all the trimmings. By trimmings I mean Krispy Kremes, shots of Sambucca, and a photo booth. It was a grand day and I felt extra feminine and demure flouncing around in this Kate dress from Asos, although the photo booth pictures tell a different story...

The best thing about it is the way the lace design is cut on the back, it sort of goes into a point which means you can wear any sort of bra and don't need to spend the day hitching up a strapless one that won't stay put. It's also kind of baggy-ish on the front, so in my case I could eat all the krispy kremes without feeling like a bloated betty.

Here are some less flattering pictures.

bridesmaids photo booth

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  1. You look very pretty in your Asos Kate bridesmaid dress - love the lace. Your sister's post-wedding wedding with trimmings sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Thank for your comment over at I love your dress!! Navy is such a sophisticated colour :)

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