Saturday, 27 August 2016

Gym Hairstyles: French & Dutch Braids

gym hairstyles french dutch braids

If you're like me and hair washing day only comes but twice a week, cardio at the gym can be a bit of a pain. It just messes up the whole washing routine. And if you're also like me and tend to get a bit clammy when overworked (gross) then going anywhere straight from the gym is usually a no go.

But alas! These quick and relatively easy braided hair styles are perfect for the gym, and they're proven to stand the test of time too. I'm currently donning a side french braid after grappling with the stair master earlier today and it looks the same as it did six hours ago. I would take a snap to prove it but I'm wearing a slush puppy vest and chomping my way through caramel rice cakes - it's not a pretty sight.

So if you're unsure how to french or dutch braid, and you want an easy hair style that'll last through a work out and after, then have a peep at my short video above!


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