Friday, 19 August 2016

A Multi Seasonal Floral Dress

summer floral dress strappy summer dress waist belt side french braid

Dress: Newlook (similar)
Shoes: Primark

I'm at my Sisters for a couple of days and I'm definitely making the most of her garden. All I have at home in my flat is a tiny patch of sun by the Juliette balcony which isn't the most ideal place to sunbathe. Plus I end up feeling all awkward like a cat.

I bought this dress last month in the Newlook sale and think I paid around £10 for it. I like that it's extra loose and flowy without a belt (perfect for BBQs), but if you shove a belt and heels with it you're good for night time. I'm all about the multi purpose wear. Annnnd you could even tight and boots it for Autumn. Wins all round.
I seem to have a love/hate relationship with florals and I'm now entering the love phase, have a peep at my recent youtube haul if you'd like a nose of what's been purchased recently. I'm also eyeing up all the florals on Esprit who seem to have the perfect dress length down. So kudos to them.

Another upside to being here is having someone to exercise with, I always thought I was a bit of a lone ranger when it comes to working up a sweat, but doing it with someone else is actually quite motivational - I'm even doing a class at her gym tonight, something I may regret tomorrow when I can't feel my arms or sit down without aching. I'm hoping it gives me the confidence to join some of the classes at my gym without feeling self conscious about the whole lone ranger situation, we shall see.


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