Thursday, 2 June 2016

L'oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara Review

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I wasn’t a fan of the original L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara so when I saw Miss Manga Punky for a mere pound in Boots I was a little apprehensive. Then I stopped being apprehensive. It was a pound.
It’s also great.

In my mind there was an 80% chance of a clumpy, sticky mess, which is what I got from the original and normally it’s all downhill for predecessors.

L'oreal have definitely got it right the second time around with their “Punky” version. The best thing about this mascara? It does nothing it claims to do, which is giving you spikes instead of eyelashes. I didn’t want to look like a hedgehog and as much as I like cactuses I don’t aspire to be one.
Instead it makes your lashes look extra long with the right amount of curl. The brush is a plastic conical shape which makes it perfect for both top and bottom lashes, and instead of bristles it’s covered in tiny spikes. These seem to pick up the product really well and you’ll only need one coat to look all glamorous with eyelashes full of volume.

 Does the mascara last all day? Yup. It doesn’t smudge either which is a problem I get a lot with bottom lashes and usually end up with extreme looking dark circles. Sadly it’s not normally £1. It’s around the £8 - £9 mark but it’s still way worth it at that price.

 Have you tried the punky version before?



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