Monday, 22 February 2016

A Trip To Scarborough (Didn't See The Fair)

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Was anyone else forced to sing that sombre song at school? I was never sure why the selling point of the Scarborough Fair was Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme - surely there'd be a hook a duck or two?
Spices or no spices, my overnight trip with Tanesha was rather pleasant. In fact it was a lot pleasant. In all honestly Scarborough isn't a place I've ever felt the urge to return to after my school trip in year four, one of the boys tripped me up on the beach whilst playing cricket which probably tainted my memories of the place. But I was asked if I fancied spending the night at Ox Pasture Hall in one of their luxury suites which made me forget plummeting face first into the sand for a minute, and for my fickle memory I'm thankful.
Ox Pasture Hall is about a 20 minute drive away from the town centre on single track roads across rolling hills, and this journey itself was a bit of an adventure. At one point we did debate the possibility of being stranded, but armed with a weeks supply of Redbull, a pretty mean Spotify playlist, complete tranquility, and an awesome countryside view - the idea wasn't a terrible one! Alas the 20 minutes went by quickly and the road soon opened up to the welcoming sight of the hotel. It sits nicely on seventeen acres of green (and sheep) in the North York Moors which is perfect for a mini escape, but wifi is on hand for the odd instagram snap. As soon as we walked in we were made to feel at home before booking in for dinner and spending a couple of hours lazing around and eating snacks in our room which was the nicest I've ever stayed in (sorry Lenny).
I say room, I lie. It was probably bigger than the flat I'm about to move in to, one room had a huge four poster bed and the most incredible view, the other had sofas and and a great hot drinks selection, and the bathroom was warm with a rather large bath. Plus there were robes. Give me a robe and I'm happy.
For our three course dinner we were looked after by the oh so jolly Paul who came at us with Champagne and the stickiest toffee pudding ever. Obvs by my photo's I went for the steak but prior to this I was handed a goblet of freshly made soup, which, on top of the snacks, should have probably been my food quota for the evening...My gluttony made me sleepy so we decided to leave any exploring for the next day and settled for an evening of Paddy Mcguinness playing cupid.

The next day we headed into Scarborough and got a little confused between the two bays. We hadn't done our research and followed the signs for North Bay expecting all the usual tourist haunts - instead we were met with a long stretch of beach with one lonely cafe that looked a bit sad in the drizzle. So if you're looking for Rock shaped like phallic objects and 2p slot machines, then deffs head to South Bay. It's 5 minutes away in the car and you'll be met with an array of lights, fish and chip shops, and those discounted clothes places you always see in seaside towns that sell high street wears from 5 years ago.
Sadly we didn't find anything in the latter, but we did find a Harry Ramsdens overlooking the sea. The food there wasn't expensive at all and we spent hours drinking tea and attempting (and failing) to vlog from our table in the bay window.
The weather wasn't the best during the trip but we managed to find phallic shaped rock AND spent way to much in the 2p slot machines without winning anything. There were plans to swoon over penguins in the sea life centre but the decision was made to just amble around and look at the old fashioned sights - there was a terrifying looking tram that was out of service, not a sight per se but I'm curious as to whether this runs in the summer. We also spotted a 1950's esque ice cream parlor which was closed for the winter. So that being said I'd recommend paying the town a visit during the spring or summer months.

Ox Pasture Hall is a year round winner though and I'd definitely head back their way again, especially under the lure of more sticky toffee pudding.



  1. Your photos are beautiful! I love Harry Ramsdens too, it's always so tasty.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. This looks like so much fun!

    Maria xxx

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