Sunday, 28 June 2015

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter Review

benefit watts up summer bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight swatched in natural light
benefit bronze highlight watts up swatched with flash

I'd say that Benefit's Watts Up is one of the best highlighters for summer. If you want to come across all glowing and radiant without looking glittery, shiny, or like you're just a bit clammy, then this is the one.

It's a champagne cream to powder highlight that'll sit nicely on most skin tones, I'm on the pale side and Watts Up leans more bronze-y against my fair skin, but if you're darker than I then it may stay true to it's champagne-ame.
Because of the cream to powder formula, it's super blendable and sits comfortably on top of heavy foundation or naked skin without looking clumpy or "too much". I apply straight from the stick onto my cheekbones and then use either the Real Techniques Stippling Brush or my fingers to blend it out. Hiding underneath is a sort of bingo dabber to help you blend, but it really isn't that practical is more of a packaging gimmick than anything.

Speaking of packaging, I'm a sucker for anything that'll look nice sitting on my dressing table and as with most Benefit products, this lightbulb esque tube is pretty eye catching against it's rivals. It's got a twist tube and a handy plastic cap to keep things fresh, although the slight bulkyness could make it a no if you've got limited makeup bag space.

So yes, Watts Up is an amazing natural highlighter that will brighten you up on a dull day, it's on the pricey side at £24.50 but a little will go a long way.

What're your favourite highlights for summer?

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  1. This highlighter looks gorgeus and shade looks different from other that usually tempt to be a bit pinky or too light

  2. I think this would be too dark for me (pale girls unite!) but I do love a glowy highlighter!

    Maria xxx

  3. It looks great but i would 100% be too dark for me, i'm so pale!

    Courtney |

  4. Benefit's products always look so interesting - quite excited to try this.

  5. I use High Beam and absolutely love it, this looks good for summer though as it's a little bronze tinted!

    Lovely photos :)

    Fran Leanne x

  6. Looks lovely. Could you share how you use highlighter? Thanks.

  7. I used to use this one. I got it as a present one time and it's amazing! The only thing I found is that cos it's a cream, sometimes it would highlight the pores so I switched to a powder form instead but I love this product so much! Great review xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  8. Let me start by saying how intrigued I am by the package, it looks so different! It also looks like a really clever product! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Watt's Up is my favourite highlighter! Glad you're loving it too! xo


  10. this is one of my favorite highlighter ever!


  11. Oh wow this looks real nice! I hate looking all shiny/glittery lol

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  13. I love this product and think its definitely underrated by a lot of people, as you said fantastic for the summer! :) x

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