Monday, 25 May 2015

The Floral Dress Dilemma

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Dress: h&m
Boots: USC
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Pandora

I bought this skater dress from h&m a while back and I'm undecided. Sometimes I'm drawn to florals and all things girly, other times my mind is all, "You're 27 years old, stop holding your dress up like a child" - so who knows? Either way I don't hate it so it's being plastered all over the internet.

The hurrr is 50/50 real/fake thanks to these hair trade extensions which I've had for a while now, they're only 14 inches long which I prefer, there's nothing worse (I lie, there's lots worse) than short hair with extra long hair extensions that hang down low like spaniel ears...

And onto the inevitable Bank Holiday paragraph. Oh how I'd love to post endless photos of me getting my scram on at trendy breakfast haunts or looking chic on cobbled streets - in fact I haven't done anything of note other than make and slurp my first Kale smoothie which felt very Pinterest. I've also spent a bit of time at the gym trying to muster up the courage to do exercises which involve a kettle bell and a matt. There's just too many mirrors around making it all a bit awkward.

But yeah I'm trying to get into the whole healthy lifestyle thing, mainly because photo's of Michelle Keegan on a beach exist. Any tips on recipes etc would be wins - I don't really like to cook though.



  1. I love a pinterest smoothie-your bank holiday has already been a lot healthier then mine I've drank a milkshake and laid in bed.
    you look awesome- your hair looks really natural and this is coming form someone who judges poor hair extensions as a hobby (no really I love to moan to my boyfriend about them)

  2. I'm in my 30s and I'm all about a floral, summery dress like this! Love how you paired it with the boots- ultra cool :)


  3. Gorgeous post hun, I think you really suit it! You should just go with what you feel comfortable in

    CharlotteSamantha //

  4. I like the dress, good for summer with sandals and nice with a jacket and boots when its cold. It's a keeper :) xx

  5. pretty dress, good old h&m x

  6. i LOVE this dress, I am such a fan of florals and this dress is perfect, you look lovely!

    Lucy x

  7. Your hair looks lovely :)


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  9. I absolutely love this dress. Such a pretty combination x

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