Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to stop Pandora charms from moving

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Pandora clips c/o Joshua James Jewellery
Clear Rubber O Rings: Ebay

When I was asked if I wanted to feature something from Pandora obvsies I said yes. I already had the rope bracelet and the two charms but they'd move around constantly and always end up under my wrist where you couldn't see them. They'd catch on my desk at work too which was a pain. Attaching

Enter the little plastic rings that have been my saviours. For 99p, if I wanted to, I could dance my way through life waving my arms around and never suffer at the hands of a rolling charm again. From what I can tell from the powers of google, the rings don't fit under the charms so you'll have to buy clips to perform this sorcery, but Pandora have bought out loads of new designs and the clips don't look ugly anymore.

Attaching the rubber/silicone ring to the bracelet is actually quite difficult and you'll probably need tweezers to do it, so I'd recommend eye measuring where you want everything to go before putting them on. I didn't do this. I am foolish.

Have you got any jewellery tips?



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  2. Such a great idea! Soo annoying when things are sort of jingling around on your wrist!

    B x

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