Sunday, 25 January 2015

Teletubby Head

lace midi skirtpoppy lux midi skirtlace print skirtmidi skirt

Skirt: c/o Poppy Lux
Top: Boohoo
Shoes: Newlook

Someone at work said my hair looks weird in a bun, like I've got a purple ball on my head. Ah well, I'm liking the teletubby look at the moment.
I'm also liking this midi skirt which is actually the first I've ever tried, I've always been a bit paranoid about them making my legs look stumpy/drawing attention to the waist, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this one from Poppy Lux. Tbh (does anyone still use tbh anymore?) they're a brand I'm always stalking online as everything is so flattering and they always seem to have a sale going on.

Hope everyone's having a fun filled Sunday, mine's been a chilled one and I'm planning a mammoth bath later with a huge youtube catch-up session. I just need to clean my bathroom first....and do the washing, and clean the kitchen, and hoover. Sigh. I might just leave all that in favour of some bloglovin' though, it's been an age since I've sat down with a brew and nosed into the lives of others.

I feel like I should have more exciting things to say but I don't. January has been a complete non existent month for me spent feeling unfit in the gym and watching way too much tv. As much as I love the winter I'm looking forward to warmer days and holidays.


  1. such a pretty skirt! Love your hair like this! :)

  2. The pattern on that skirt is so nice xxx

  3. The pattern is just lovely, and it's a really good fit too! I always have the same worry about midi skirts, but I'm pretty tempted to try one still.

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  4. I love the shoes.
    Rubi | The Den |

  5. Haha, loving the purple tone to your hair- looks extra cool in a bun! ;) Great skirt too!


  6. Pretty patterned skirt and I love the purple hair :)


  7. This looks amazing on you! I have a similar hang up about midi skirts but you're rocking this one xxx

  8. I love this midi skirt! It looks fab on you!
    Sam xx

  9. Looove this outfit This skirt looks beautiful xx

  10. gorgeous outfit and i love your hair colour <3

  11. looking fly! Love those heels, they look nice and sturdy. I would fall over and break something in stilettos xx

  12. Such a cute skirt! I like your 'do'. ;)

    Tara x

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