Saturday, 15 November 2014

Waterproof Eye Makeup

waterproof makeup

I know this is probably more of a summer post as the first thing I think of when it comes to waterproof makeup is the beach, a pool, or a holiday in general. But after the treacherous walk to my office today in the middle of a downpour resulted in zombie makeup, I thought I'd go through the waterproof makeup in my collection.

The Good

Benefit They're Real push up liner - I've already done a full review of this little miracle (who hasn't?) but as waterproof eyeliners go, this is incredible. Water won't make it budge, eye makeup remover won't make it budge, nothing short of scouring your own skin (gross) will make it go away. Before you apply this you need to know it's sticking around for the long haul. Perfect for rainy days and days spent by/in the pool. Slight downside to this is that if you go wrong there's no going back, and it's quite easy to make mistakes until you get the hang of the rubber nib.

Mac Liquidlast liner - This is a typical old school style liquid liner and one you need a steady hand for. But once applied it isn't going to run, smudge, or flake. I used this everyday in Mexico and it fought humidity and sea water well. It also made me look better in underwater selfies...yes I am that vain.

The Not-so Good

Benefit BADgal waterproof liner - As much as I love Benefit, I just can't really see what makes this different to my (much cheaper) rimmel kohl eyeliner. It's not that black and it's not that waterproof, in fact it has trouble sticking around during a dry day at the office. It has a sponge tip on one end which is supposed to give you a simple smoky eye, I don't know if I'm applying it completely wrong but instead it gives me a smudgy black eye. In my opinion it's deffs not worth the £15.50 price tag.

Maybelline The Rocket volum express mascara - This doesn't seem to be waterproof? I haven't read the fine print so maybe it's only supposed to be "splash proof", but I wore this on holiday, jumped in the pool, and nothing was left. Not even smudges. It just all came off completely. The brush is a bit bulky with the bristles too close together which does nothing for my lashes,  they don't look longer or thicker at all. To be honest I'm not too sure why I'm still hanging on to it!

Do you have any recommendations for some heavy duty waterproof makeup? I've been peering online and Tarte Cosmetics has a Lights, Camera, Splashes waterproof mascara which I'm tempted to try.


  1. Ooh, I'll have to give Liquid Last a go! xo


  2. I love the waterproof Max Factor Masterpiece mascara, I love the original and it is the perfect rainy day replacement!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love the Benefit They're Real liner although its not one for everyday due to how hard it is to remove! x

  4. ah, i really need to try out the benefit they're real liner as everyone seems to love it so much (apart from the getting it off part)! and i do hate it when it says your mascara/eye liner is waterproof and you still end up looking like a panda! xx

  5. It's a shame Maybelline The Rocket Mascara wasn't waterproof!

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