Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pandora: An Easy Gift Idea

pandora braceletpandora pink charmpandora heart charm

I jumped on the Pandora bandwagon quite late really. I actually bought the bracelet along with the pave ball charm last year in New York as a christmas present to myself, and whilst in Mexico I had some pesos left over at the end of the holiday and the heart charm called to me!

They're a good idea if you have family members/boyfriends/husbands that don't really have the foggiest when it comes to Christmas or Birthdays, just subtly direct them to the charms you've been eying up online! I know a lot of people love to build them up to a mammoth charm filled bracelet, but I prefer them to be a bit less busy and the charms are easy to swap around if you're lucky enough to have spares.

The website has actually got a gift ideas section if you're still after that element of surprise, I've just had a nose and there's some gorgeous gift sets on there which give you a bit of a discount if you buy the charms and bracelet together. I'm already eying up the pink rope bracelet.

Pandora are also hosting a pretty awesome competition with  Red Online to win a spa break for you and a friend. All you have to do is nominate a friend who represents one of their essence values - if one of your friends is extra caring, has tonnes of dedication, or always has belief in you, all you have to do is nominate them and tell Red Online why they deserve a spa break. A pretty easy thing to do so I'm definitely going to be entering!

Do you own anything from Pandora?


  1. I too have a pandora bracelet and I'm currently getting it filled with meaningful charms from my beau

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