Saturday, 20 September 2014

When I go to Lidl I sing "Lidl by lidlll" thanks to my Dad

 photo sugarhill1_zpsc288bb48.jpg photo sugarhill2_zpsedcb00b5.jpg

Top: c/o Sugarhill Boutique
Skirt: Topshop (old)
Boots: Ebay

I was kindly sent this top from the lovely folk at Sugarhill Boutique and I reckon I've worn it over five times already. I love that it's kind of gaudy but still wearable, and I'm always up for a floral print!

Tis a short one from me today as I'm celebrating my Birthday two days early by coat shopping  followed by stuffing my face with Mexican food at Las Iguanas. Hope everyone's having a great weekend and all that jazz!


  1. This top is gorgeous! I love the colour. I think I'll have to take a snoop on their site!


  2. I love Las Iguanas! My local changed the menu though....their burrito has never been the same since and I'm gutted! Happy early birthday Eloise!

    - Lorna at Scared Toast x

  3. What a great summer-to-fall look! Love the pattern on the top- ultra cool :)


  4. Happy birthday in advance :) the colours on your top are great, you look really lovely!

    Louise /

  5. Love this outfit - think I'm going to sing that every time I go to Lidl now!

  6. Happy Birthday for 2 days away! Enjoy the mexican food.

  7. Happy Birthday! Also love that top, suits you so well!

  8. I hope you have a good birthday!
    Rubi | The Den

  9. Hope you have an awesome birthday, I LOVE that top!

    Maria xxx

  10. Love the top - such a cool print!

    Hope you have an amazing birthday - gotta love a good Las Iguanas...their cocktails are the BEST! x

    Sarah @ xx

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