Saturday, 13 September 2014

These fashion zombies don't walk this world alone

poppy lux smock smock dress monochrome smock cheap chelsea boots

Dress: c/o Poppy Lux
Chelsea Boots: Ebay
Necklace: Forever 21

As soon as I ripped my way through the oh so nice crepe paper packaging and saw this gorgeous monochrome smock dress from Poppy Lux I had to put it on straight away and dance around my garden. Smock dresses will always be a comforting "go-to"for me, if I'm feeling bloated and gross during the not-so-fun time of the month they're perfect at hiding any chocolate binges I might had scoffed and they're also extra comfy.

S'gunna be a short one from me today as I'm off into town to see if I can find the perfect coat in the appalling lack of shop choice we have in Northampton. Every year I have an image in my mind of what I'm after but never end up getting it, this year I want either a trench style or pastel blue. Or both. Maybe. Probably.

Oh and if anyone knows the song my title is from I have instant online love for you. 


  1. You look ace here, I need to get some smock dresses!

    Maria xxx

  2. gorgeous! definitely something I would wear, this will be fab with tights, biker jacket and scarf in a couple of months time xx

  3. Love the print on the dress and those boots are killer! Perfect summer-to-fall outfit :)


  4. love this pretty dress - Poppy Lux have some lovely clothes!

  5. Really liking the entire outfit, the shoes, and your hair! Lovely.

  6. Pretty outfit, that dress is really cute :D

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