Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pre Christmas Mini Break

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Me and Thomas have visited London for a pre christmas mini break on many an occasion. For some reason the hectic atmosphere and crowds don't bother me in November/December, they're overpowered by Christmas cheer and festive spirit and a rainy day Oxford Street is turned into a winter wonderland with the abundance of christmas displays and flurries of fake snow. Last year we went all out and headed to New York for Thanksgiving which was such an incredible experience, Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favourite Christmas films so seeing Macy's all lit up and watching the inflatable turkey first hand made me feel all tingly inside

This year we've got nothing planned so I'm trying to think of something a little different that won't leave us penniless. I want shopping, culture, and the odd event, and ideally I want something close by too. So I'm thinking Edinburgh as it's got tonnes of culture as well as gorgeous historical buildings. I've already had a look on Hotel Direct and there's some gorgeous hotels in the city centre that'd be perfect and cosy after a day bracing the cold!

I've been having a peek at what's on in the city too and there seems to be so much going on! I don't know if I'd be able to drag Thomas along but Harvey Nichols are holding a fashion show at the end of the month, I've also had a nose at the Pout Edinburgh event which looks pretty fab - it's basically a massive fashion/beauty event with drinks, music, and a fashion show. It's also helping smaller independent designers get there name out there which I'm a massive supporter of.

If I go a little later there's some pretty good indie circa 2007 bands playing but it'd mean making a decision between The Subways and the Rifles....something the 17 year old inside me refuses to do.

Or I could just go for pure festivities and wait for the Christmas Markets, I've gone to the Birmingham one a few times but I'm guessing the gorgeous Edinburgh setting will make it all feel extra special. I think they have one of those extra high swing chair things that I've always wanted to go on too! Plus ice skating with the Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop would make for some sweet photos. I've been nosing online at other blog posts and I hadn't realised here's an old and new part of town either so I'm going to have the camera permanently glued to me!

So I think I'm sold on Edinburgh, now to get saving! Are you going anywhere for a pre christmas break this year? I've also been looking at Iceland purely for the Northern lights but I reckon that's going to have to wait 'till 2015....


  1. If you could stretch your budget to visit a German Christmas market, you would love it! I've been to them a good number of times & just love them! The atmosphere, food, decorations - everything!

  2. Oh, so much fun, I think we're off to Paris for a pre-Xmas break.

  3. I went to Edinburgh in July it is such a great city and I would love to go again over Christmas. We stayed at an Ibis across the road from harvey Nics it was a great hotel and perfect location. xx

  4. Sounds perfect! I've never been to Edinburgh but its somewhere I've always wanted to visit xx

    A Fashion Tale // UK Fashion Blog

  5. That all sounds amazing! Personally, I'll probably just go to the German Market in my local town.. Although I did spend my summer in America so I think I'd be greedy going somewhere cool again :P xx


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