Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mememe Cosmetics: Beat the Blues

After grabbing glamour when they were giving away free mini bottles of high beam I've used it pretty much every day since. As it's such a small bottle (4ml) it's lasted quite well but it was nearing that time when a repurchase is necessary and I'm always a bit "wah" about repurchasing products, as it's just not as exciting as trying new things. It doesn't help much when it's nearing the end of the month either and funds are becoming a bit dry.
Enter Beat the Blues

I've never tried anything by MeMeMe Cosmetics before but there was actually a few products on their stand that looked quite impressive, being boring and practical I thought I'd see how the Illuminator held it's own before trying anything else. There were two shades available "Moonbeam" and "Sunbeam" which was a little confusing as it's Moonbeam that's the dupe for High Beam, and Sunbeam resembles Benefit's Moonbeam....still with me?

Top - Mememe Beat the Blues
Bottom - Benefit High Beam
When I took this photo I initially thought the High Beam had a runnier consistency whilst the Beat the Blues seemed to be a lot thicker and managed to stay put, but after blending the product in it was actually the High Beam that stayed in place - more confusion.

So even though there's a slight difference in the consistency as you can see from the swatches the shades are very similar, and after more blending they both gave my skin the "glow" I always need on an early morning! I did take a photo of the Beat the Blues on my cheeks but my face looked all puffy and gross so I've decided not to offend the eyes of anyone reading this.

The only other slight difference I noticed between the two was the difference in quality of the brushes, the High Beam brush was sturdy and held its shape whilst the Beat the Blues was a little flimsy. Although to be honest I only use the brush to apply the product onto my cheeks and I use my fingers to blend it anyway so its not really too much of an issue for me.

Sooo I'm actually rather happy I came across MeMeMe's Beat the Blues. Yes the product itself might be a little thinner than High Beam and yes the brush might be a little bit of a pain BUT it costs £5.25 whilst a trip to the Benefit counter will set you back £18.50 - so you could actually buy THREE beat the blues for less! And I'm more than willing to sacrifice an extra minute to blend the product for such a good price. Speaking of which Superdrug are actually selling it for £3.25 at the moment which was a pleasant surprise when I got to the counter.


  1. Ah if only MeMeMe was sold in my country! I'm so envious of you girls in the UK, you have such amazing dupes of Benefit products! Yesterday I received my 3rd order on Elf and got the Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal which is said to be a dupe for High Beam, so I'll compare my swatch to yours! xx

  2. Oooh, I saw a Mememe stand at superdrug recently. They look rather intriguing and had a hot pink lipstick which was truly bright, but I cannot afford it right now.

    Thanks for showing us the illuminator. xx

  3. Ooh I've used this before and I loved it! Their version of Benetint is pretty good too! :)

  4. Absolutely amazing blog!
    Following back?

  5. I love the mememe moonbeam! It's lovely :) also have their red cheek stain (Pussy Cat? I think it's called!) which is ok but dries a bit fast!

  6. i loooove MeMeMe.....their primer is really good and the bronzers/blushes that they do are just like benefits! x

  7. I have the mememem moonbeam aswell! i love it! I also have one of the blushes which i find so easy apply, it blends so well!OX

  8. owww great post I had the Benefit High Beam on my wish list but I might get the MeMeMe version now :) Xx

  9. I love high beam but I'm still using my free one from Glamour at the moment - when it runs out I'll be going for the mememe one for sure! Thanks for posting! x

  10. It's interesting you say they worked much the same on your face because that blended swatch on the back of your hand the MeMeMe product looks horrible. Milky and watery in comparison.

    I think if I was choosing between the two I'd stick to High Beam.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  11. Lovely. if you have time i hope you come and check out my blog.

  12. i NEEEED to make a trip to superdrug i've decided!
    lovely blog :) xxxxxx

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