Monday, 8 August 2011

Selena Gomez Style Pilfer

Hello! I am feeling decidedly more chipper than I was on Saturday which is nice as I didn't think my head was ever going to stop spinning. I went to bed oh so early and slept like a baby, and I've learnt the lesson that I'm sure many have already... Vodka is the enemy. It may look tempting (especially mixed with skittles) but eventually it will end the hazy friendship brutaly.
Alcohol issues aside I realised I haven't done one of these in forever so here's Selena Gomez in her maxi glory.

1- £35.00 Missselfridge
2 - £5.00 Matalan
3 - £6.50 Missselfridge
4- £45.00 Warehouse
5- £10.00 Bank

In the original snap she had a handyman helpfully holding an umbrella for her, unfortunately I couldn't get a price tag for him : / Not counting her fondness of swoopy haired idiots I quite like Selena Gomez and recently she's started to look less disneyish and a lot more stylish - Im liking her use of fringe here, shame I can't say the same about the Bieb...

And now Bieber hatred issues aside, I'm attempting to sell the following on here after they failed eBay. The motel dress was bought brand new from eBay and the skirt is from Rare. Neither have been worn by me at all

Motel Dress - Size small but would probably best fit a petite 6/8 - it's really short! Missing the clip in shoulder pads as they looked a little silly, I took them out to try it on and lost them..
£7.50 inc postage (first class standard)

Rare Skirt - It's a lantern/tulip style in Size 10 but again it's so short! Would probably best fit an 8.
£7.50 inc postage (first class)

If you'd like any please leave a comment below with your email and I'll hola via googlemail about where to send paypal payments too. Unfortunaly I won't be providing refunds as the wearz are as described


  1. I like Selena, Britney wrote some songs for her album! She is never too over dressed, dresses very nicely for her age x

  2. Haha, living in England is actually my plan. I am hoping to get a teaching job there in January but I don't know if I will for sure so I didn't announce it yet!

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  4. It feels wrong for me to admit that I really like the style of someone younger than some of my siblings! always think she looks great style-wise though and I LOVE the bag you have picked :)

    Maria xxx

  5. I really like Selena's style its like so simple and elegant. It always makes her so grown up xx

  6. She looks really good in that picture. Growing up a storm!

  7. lovely skirt! :D


  8. Oooh I've never really thought of Selena as much a style icon, but I do like that outfit a lot, especially the fringey top!

    Oh my God, vodka really is the enemy. These days, if I get a hangover, I literally think I'm going to die. This is especially the case when vodka is involved though. Damn you vodka. Oooh! I discovered a new drink this week though - Amaretto and Cranberry Juice - so good, tastes like a Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell!

  9. Definitely with you on the Beib hating front...silly little boy. Haha I'm not even going to get started

    I've got a bit of a feather obsession at the moment so I love those earrings.

  10. Love the maxi skirt and the picks for her outfit.

  11. I love Selena's style! and I want that bag!


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