Saturday, 9 July 2011


Hello! Golly I feel like it's been an age, I'm still in Spain so the following pictures may be a bit awfull/stretched as I'm not using my own laptop. Plus a coldsore the size of a Cornish pasty has attached itself to my face so hopefully you can look past this if it's managed to get in on the photos, also hopefully you can look past that vile description? Apologies if you were reading whilst tucking into a pastry!

Top - Both dresses Motel
Bottom Left: Motel
Bottom Right: French Connection

I've pretty much been living in Motel dresses and flip-flops for the past week and haven't really bothered with my hair. I like how in other countries I get so hot and flustered I'm past caring what my legs and the dot to dots of moles on my skin look like, so end up wearing stuff I go to wear in England but always change out of before leaving the house into something less fleshy.
I haven't really taken loads of photos as I'm mega paranoid about stuff getting broken/stolen, and I've spent the last four days away from my parents house in a hotel by the beach so sand. = major stressing over breakages. Here's a random selection of pictures I have managed to snap.

Right - Cheap vodka made a happy me, it also made a sickintoabedat shameful me

View from my parents house

View from the hotel balcony

Jackson the pet tortoise

Overpriced Italian restaurant who humfed and tutted at us for not ordering wine

Left - Creepy cat at said Italian, it didn't move or blink throughout the whole meal.

I'm back with my parents on the mountain now untill Tuesday when We board bmi and say goodbye to siestas, air con, and peely skin (honestly I'm becoming a human satsuma) and hello to everyday routine - massive sigh.
Hope everyones doing ok, I'm going to have a blog reading session in a mo to try and catch up - apologies for not posting much at all but with staying at different places its been quite difficult. I did manage a ramble to More before I left for the seaside though, have a peep here


  1. such lovely pics and stories! I need to get to Spain even quicker!
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. oh to be in Spain! It looks lovely and hot. I love your dresses, they look so pretty. Boo for peeling though.

  3. Ah the Motel dresses look great, hope you've had a fabulous time! x

  4. I'm so jealous, looks great :)


  5. Looks like you had a great time. Love the dresses, you look fab. x

  6. Some very lovely dresses you have there! Oh to be back in a hot country, my holiday seems like a million years ago now. Glad you're having such a fun time.

  7. All of thoese dresses look so lovely on you!
    Jackson the tortsoise is so cute!

  8. You look lovely :) I really need some sunshine in my life right now, missing my holiday massively.

  9. Holla! Great dresses :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  10. Wow, it looks so beautiful there! Love those dresses, especially the polka-dot halterneck :-)

    Nat x

  11. looks great!
    love the dresses, I have a fair few myself - they have their own little store in bristol and always have a £10/15 sale rack!

  12. You look absolutely lovely and I LOVE the little tortoise, how adorable?!

    Maria xxx

  13. wow! some really cool looks!

    if u get time could u also check out my blog!? :)

    NYane x

  14. In love with your motel dresses, i want them! you are so pretty xx

  15. love your more blog post! so funny... and im EXACTLY the same!! hope youve had a fab holiday!!

  16. So jealous you're in spain!! That's amazing, such a beautiful place. And your dresses are all so gorgeous

  17. Im so jealous! :p I wanna go too!



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