Sunday, 20 March 2011

Payday Wishlist

Like the majority of the working world, come this time every month and i'm rubbing my palms together in anticipation of payday. I even get a small bonus this time around, and despite my car needing it's service and mot in April I'm already pawing over various websites lusting at their spring delights. It doesn't help that I was meant to go to Ikea today for a desk ( exciting...) but my boyfs uncle is round and they're engrosed in call of duty and swearing at the screen. This has given me even more time to trawl, so now not only will I be peter panning up to the max, but I'll have to sneak a few beauty products in too. Here's my wishlist for payday, and perhaps a few after, I've put the prices and where they came from below incase anything here catches your eye too.

1) Yellow Peter Pan Dress £24.99 Republic
2) Models Own lipbalm in Ballet Pink £5.00
3) Models Own Eyeshadow duo in Pretty Baby £5.00
4) Benefit's Bella Bamba £23.50
5) Floral Dress £24.99 Republic
6) White Peter Pan Blouse £30.00 Topshop
7) Camel Peter Pan Blouse £38.00 Topshop
8) Benefit's Finding Mr Bright £28.50
9) Floral Skirt £14.99 Ark Clothing

I'm trying to whittle down these options as unfortunatly rent and my obsession with Muller Corners won't let my buy them all. I'm thinking deffs the models own lipbalm, as my smackers are pretty gross and dry at the moment, and their fuscia shade that I'm currently wearing is lovley, but more for night time drinks than office wear. And I really don't want to rule out Finding Mr Bright but the price is putting me off a bit, I've never tried any of the products in the kit so I don't know whether it'll be worth it?
Clothes wise I love and want them all! What do you reckon are the best choices?

Hope everyone's having a lovely sunday, I'll leave you with a snap I took earlier of my cat and boyfs uncles dog, just cus it's cute.




  1. I LOVE that yellow dress :)

    and r.e. your question on my post...I was in hospital over the summer (the back story is on there, rather than me taking up your comment box!)..sounds like I was on day release from prison though, right?

  2. Definitely go with the yellow dress. It's gorgeous!x

  3. mmm collars, glad theyre showing no signs of fading fast.

    Helen, X

  4. wow I wan everything!
    I really like your taste

  5. I love everything you've chosen, the floral dress is so cute. I'm a little bit obsessed with peter pan collars at the moment so I love that dress and blouse! haha :) xxx

  6. Hey, thanks for your comment! This is such a good wishlist, love the yellow dress! The benefit set looks great, I love posietint, you should go for it! xx

  7. i loveeeeeee that yellow republic dress, i was on the photoshoot for that collection :)
    and btw i live in stoke too :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
    & check out the £50 Laura Ashley giveaway!

  8. I love the yellow dress, its gorgeous! Also a sucker for a peter pan collar!
    Isnt it amazing how much you can actually spend in boots haha! Its like a sweet shop for grown ups!

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