Friday, 28 January 2011

Hair Torture

Ever since I was 11 I've been a bit lot obsessed with my hair. As tragic as it now seems I used to religiously watch Two of a Kind on Nickelodeon and dream of having hair like an Olsen. God knows why as i've just searched for an image and they looked like this.

Haha how I used to spend days trying to recreate that "do" with my (then) frizzy hair.

Then came the period of the Shader and Toner, where every shade I tried left me with dull orange locks.
For some reason I didn't stop at "wash in wash out" dyes and one faithful evening at the ripe old age of 15 I opted for the dreaded 24 wash brown dye. No one chose to tell me that on badly highlighted hair this would turn black and refuse to ever wash out, so for a year of my life I looked like Russel Brand. Sadly all picturial evidence of this "do" have been savagely deleted, which is a shame as 8 years on I might have only just seen the funny side of it.

After excessive highlighting I finally got back to blonde and stopped damaging my hair with various colourants, but then came the...*dramatic drumroll*...GHDS. Now I know millions of people use these and millions of people have lovely hair, but for some reason I've only just started using heat protection after a telling off from a hairdresser about a year ago.

If only the barnet torture ended there.

A year ago I became fed up with highlights, I wanted glamour model bleach blonde hair and I wanted it there and then. Toni & Guy advised a scalp bleach wasn't the best choice as it causes so much damage in the long run but did I listen? Oh no. Off I popped to the nearest supermarket and grabbed what I would eventually find to be both my best friend and my worst enemy....

Since then I've become weirdly obsessed with how blonde I can get my hair, I went from dark blonde to almost platinum for a few meer pounds and was thrilled.


But the time has come to say goodbye to white hair, I'm determined to have it long for my wedding and know I'm going to have to make some sacrifices. A week ago I sought the advice of professionals and went crawling back to Toni & Guy with my tail between my legs, their verdict? That my hair is so ridiculously damaged that they won't put any form of colour on it! Nothing, zip! All I can do is treat it everyday with this Label M mask stuff they gave me, and have all the ends hacked off. Great big sigh.

This has been a long and perhaps too detailed rant, but I'm glad I've written it down because should my hands linger over the dreaded Schwarzkopf for even the smallest of a split second I will always have this to look back on, though knowing myself well i'll probably just lust after the picture above and burn my scalp some more.



  1. This is hilarious!!!! Hair dye is crazy!!!! But your hair looks great though!!

  2. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I have wanted platinum blonde hair for ages and my hairdresser will only ever do highlights which annoys the hell out of me. I will probably break like you one day and do it myself and get in lots of trouble! I don't know how I ever lived without GHDs to be honest. I am jealous of the girls growing up now who have never had to live without them!

  3. Haha that pic of the Olsen twins is hilarious - very early noughties with the little clips and stuff. I always used to be amazed by their hair as well - I think I used to get a bit outraged coz I'd be thinking "they're only meant to be about 12, how is their hair so cool? I can just about manage to do a decent ponytail!"

    Best of luck with your hair repair mission! x

  4. Oh god, I remember being so jealous of the Olsens hair back in the day!


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