Saturday, 18 December 2010

Payday Came Early

I got paid early this month and I had planned to be extra carefull as it has to last me allll the way to the end of January, unfortunatly whilst clomping around Northampton in my new aviator boots (at 23 years old I'm still not used to heels - sigh) I spotted this in Boots. Actually it wasn't really a spot as such, as there were huge displays of them and queues full of girls/ladies laden down with them.
"This" being a rather large box of Soap and Glory products for the Christmas offer price of £25! It's meant to be 60 but every week boots are knocking off over 50% of something from their gift range. I'm planning on using some of the products tonight post a very warm bath and pre a big bout of self tan so as of yet I can't say if anythings actually any good, but I do already own the motherplucker lipgloss that gok wan raved over in How to Look Good Naked so the rest must be ok right?
Anyway here's a few snaps, excuse my cat Theodore he's clearly a photo hog and has been jumping in the box all day.

The products included are:

Breakfast Scrub - oat shea butter and sugar body smoother
Flake Away - shea butter, sugar and peach seed powder body polish
The Righteous Butter - body butter
Off Your Face - 25 cleansing cloths
Girligo - spray on body moisturising mist
Hand Food - hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow
Glad Hair Day - Shampoo
Clean On Me - Shower Gel
Scrub Your Nose in it - Face mask/scrub
Sext Mother Plucker - Lip plumping gloss

I reckon 25 squid for all that is rather good considering everything is about 8 -5 pounds if you buy it seperatly. Has anyone else snapped up some Boots bargains this year?
Anyway i'm now armed with Heat magazine and a brew and ready for a mammouth bath, i'll let you know my thoughts on the products tomorrow.


  1. I really wanted to buy this but budget just did not allow!

  2. wow what an amazing offer.
    gutted as i just stock up on soap and glory :(

  3. i got that also - actually squealed with excitement when i saw that in the shop xxxx

  4. I love Soap and Glory so much, their products are simply divine and what an amazing bargain! Regarding the comment you left on my blog, I'm 24 (it was my birthday in October)! Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

    Hannah xx

  5. My parents bought one of these for my sister for Christmas and I was massively jealous! Wish I'd known about the offer because I'd have just bought it for myself but I didn't hear about it until after it had ended grrr!
    I haven't tried all of the Soap & Glory products but Righteous Butter is one of my absolute faves, it smells AMAZING! x

  6. You could always gradually steal them away from her?

  7. such a cute picture with the kitty! x

  8. Amazing... I'm lusting over Soap & Glory for such a long time, but it's so hard to get here in Greece! Hope you're enjoying them! :)

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