Saturday, 3 July 2010

Because I don't want to clean

My new flat is ridiculously stuffy and I'm meant to be tidying up tonight but instead im lounging around reading blogs and drinking apple tango - which I never thought I liked until today.
My first free weekend in Northampton has been quite pleasant, a stroll into town passing lots of lovely four storey houses that I can only dream of moving into, a very garlic mayo-ey burger in an american diner named Buddies, and a gift in the shape of a cheshire cat for the back of my car.

It occured to me whilst walking around that I looked a bit stepford esque today complete with high necklane and longer than usual length, a bit of a clash against studded gladiator sandles I suppose but its so stufy comfort is always going to rule over matching. Also apologies for the terrible attempt at a camera that my blackberry has, I haven't unpacked everything yet and can't find my camera charger.

I bought this dress to wear for work but dunno if it's a bit too casual slash summery for the office?

Ah I suppose I best go clean, as I want to fit in a nap and Big Brother (please British public wont you see that Shabby is horrific?) before picking up the boyfriend at 2am from his bar job. I'll leave you with some pictures of my company for the night.



  1. It's a very pretty dress! I think, with the cardigan it's okay for the office, but not without.
    Wish you a nice sunday!

  2. buddies is delicious, i miss it!

  3. You've received a blog award from me. Congrats!

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  5. Love your dress! Your hair looks SO hot. ♥

    Same Page Notion

  6. noo shabby brings us so much entertainment,
    your cat is so cute!

    peace x

  7. the boots you like are from topshop :) x

  8. cute dress :)
    your cat is adorable too

  9. Very cute dress, I think for a more corporate look I would wear it with a fitted/ tailored blazer. Also tights and ballet flats will give it a more officey feel.
    ♥ x

  10. Hi I've just stumbled across your blog and it's fantastic...I'm about to explore it properly! I love the spot the difference post...the amount of time I've found something in Tophop/River Island or somewhere similar and then found it for half the price or less somewhere else! I recently brought some military boots from Primark, they're real leather and exact replicas of the ones in River Island except the have a £30 price tag instead of £65! They might not be as good quality but for that price I can buy another pair and still won't have spent the amount I would have in River Island!! Ok rant over sorry!!! Nice blog again :)


  11. your kitten is adorbs! and i dont think that dress is too stepford!

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