Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kate Nash

I'm listening to Kate Nash's album and it fits perfectly with the sunny weather we've been seeing in Britain the past week or so. It's been ages since she last released anything, the Daily Mail wrote yesterday this was due to stress from the success of her last album (story here!) so hopefully a well rested Nash will be back with avengence.
That aside she's got a brilliant retro style and didn't turn into a skeleton like the other female artists she's been compared with. Below are some pictures of my favourite outfits and how to copycat on a budget. The Oasis playsuit is a bit more expensive than the others and at £55 I know it's not exactly a steal but it's perfect for this post and I had to sneak it in.

In the middle of writing this yesterday I took a break to go shopping, it was my long awaited day off from both jobs and with summer dresses on the brain and the ongoing debate as to wether a playsuit woud look half decent on me I took to the nearest shopping centre. I ended up getting the dress below from Primark, it's not something I'd usually wear at all and as great as Primark is for accessories and socks I always think the dresses will fall apart, shrink, or stretch into a baggy mess in the wash. Never the less I only had to part with a mere £15 for this so if any washing disasters occur it won't be too much of a loss. I also swiped these shoes from Newlook for £16 thanks to the ol student discount.
'Scuse the awful quality and equally as awful "mirror shot", my Sister wanted a picture and the blackberry was the closest thing next to me - Sadly I have no excuse for the mirror.



  1. I love the pret a portabello one <3

  2. Love this Shoes!

    Your Blog is really great :))

  3. Thanks for your comment and for the follow :)

    I love playsuits they are fab I love the Boo Hoo one. Also love your satin shoes great colour they are gorgeous xoxo

  4. I love the florals! they are my new favorite

    Anna Katrina

  5. Those shoes are gorgeous!!

    Little Rachael

  6. I love Kate Nash! Her style is fabulous and she's so cute!
    (thanks for following btw, I'm following you too!)

  7. really love her new song xxxxx

  8. I am not a big kat nash fan, but i always love her style. playsuit number 3 is definatly mine :)

    peace x

  9. I love Kate Nash. She has amazing style. Very cute shoes :)
    ♥ x

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