Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pixie Lott and a Mini Rant

I've become a bit obsessed with Pixie Lott recently, not in a creepy stalkish way (well I hope it doesn't seem like that to others), but in a "please can I thieve from your wardrobe" way. I prefer her daytime style but the look below can be dressed up or down.

I'm writing this whilst watching Hollyoaks and Pixie Lott has just come on, it's probably a sign telling me to stop stalking. Perhaps I should refrain from trawling the pages of Zimbio for a bit. Not that this has anything to do with fashion but Hollyoaks is frustrating me loads lately; Josh looks like an ugly girl and Zack's behaviour is dispicable, both have gone right to the bottom of the Hollyoaks man scale. I think instead I'll watch some gossip girl to restore my faith in good tv.


  1. oooh she has a really nice style, I really like it. I like your blog too, il visit back, its got alot of nice inspiration for outfits :)

    thanks you for visiting & commenting on my blog.

    Have a great day!

  2. Your blog's so cute and thanks for the nice comment. I have a friend whose a lot better at art than I am, I just do it for fun and therapy. xxx

  3. Heylo! Thanks for following :) Im now following you too :) really like that outfit! espesh the dress and jacket :) x

  4. cheers for the comment!! haha
    my hair's abit crazy tbh :p

  5. nice post! :)
    shes so cute!


  6. loved this post!
    i love pixie too, she's gorgeous!

  7. yes josh DOES look like a girl!
    someone agrees, ha.

    i love white flowers as hair accesories!
    peace x

  8. That is one awesome head band!!!!!

  9. josh's hair makes me want to DIE. Have you checked out the pixie lott for lipsy collection? x

  10. great items :) I also love the head band!

  11. Pixie has a cute collection coming out for Lipsy i really wanted the dress she designed for River Island a while back but i took too long to actually go and get it.Rather gutted about that.
    Great little blog you have i stumbled across it.

  12. I WANT that beige jacket on the right.


  13. lovee pixie lott!

    Merci beaucoup for all your wonderful comments and continued support darling, it means the absolute world =]

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I took a week's break from blogging - so good to be back!

    I see you worked out how to exchange links, i'll add you to my blogroll right after this comment =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  14. love her! & I love the end of your post about hollyoaks & gossip girl. so true!




  15. I don't usually like her style or whatever but here it's actually quite lovely, yum! :) x
    Please enter my contest if you haven't already... ENTER HERE :) ♥♥

  16. thanks for the comment :)

    have a nice day,

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