Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mulberry Bag Envy

I'm suffering from a major case of bag envy. I. Must. Have. This. Bag. I'm telling myself it definitly falls under the need catergory in the wants/needs spaces in my wardrobe, and at £795 for the oversized version pictured it'd only take me 137.6 hours pulling pints at minimum wage to afford it. Which is only about 23 shifts and it'd make smiling at drunks whilst serving them ale at nine in the morning worth it.
Rambling aside this wonderful bag is Mulberry's Alexa bag for Spring/Summer 2010, based and named after Alexa Chung and her take on a typically traditional British style. After being spotted by creative director Emma Hill lugging around a vintage Mulberry briefcase she inexpectedly became style inspiration and this amazing buffalo leather satchel was born. Yes I'm gushing but who wouldn't?

Sadly I have to pay rent and other boring necessities so I've had a rummage of the internet and found some look-a-likes that are well worth the spends.

1. £32 Asos
2.£15 Newlook
3.£45 Topshop
4. £6 Peacocks


  1. Newlook's bag looks the closest!! The Alexa bag is WOWIE! You could try thrift shopping you know!! You'd never know, i'm sure you'd find something like it!

  2. I know I know, I see so many blogs where people have really ncie outfits they found in charity/thrift shops, but whenever i see them I spy the used doll houses in the windows, turn away and run to topshop.
    Tragic I know

  3. ah love mulberry!

    For everything about fashion:

  4. I love the bags they remind me of something from the likes of Dooney and Bourke.

    Drop by my blog at:

    From Dolly

  5. Hy, the Newlook one looks pretty much like the original ;)

    Anyway, I love the expression of the models in this photos!

    thanks for the comment!


  6. I want this bag so badly!!!!!
    It is as beautiful as Alexa Chung.

  7. I just brought a bag from Next that's virtually the same as this...plus I got a £10 discount and free postage hurray! Details in a post on my blog :)


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