Friday, 19 February 2010

Demi Lovato's lack of colour

1) Black Lace Dress £28 Newlook
2) Lace up Boots £39.99
3)Black Blazer £15
4)Lace Tights £5 Asos
5) Belt £15 Miss Selfridge
6) Necklace £3.50 Peacocks
7) Sunglasses £15 Urban Outfitters

Ha I was looking for a picture of Demi Lovato's style in the early days and saw on heaps of websites that her and Selena Gomez are supposedly in the midst of a cat fight. Being a bit of a fiend for Not that I'm one for teenage celebrity gossip but people are claiming her recent all black outfit choices are a sign of her mourning the loss of her friendship. Regardless I think the whole pale skinned, red lipstick, taylor momsen esque look works for Demi and I love her boots and the look a likes I managed to find. I know where my bonus is going this month.
The black lace dress from Newlook initially seemed a little pricey for a usually student friendly priced shop, but it can be transformed into a million different outfits so is definitely worth the dollar.

Ohhh and I also found this treat on youtube, Demi Lovato used to be fat and erm.. liked to play the trumpet (go to 2:12)

Also quick apologies for lack of posts recently, I've been reading other blogs but not keeping up on my own, I fail.


  1. I am so disappointed in Demi, I really used to like her and it seems she has changed in so many ways her style, her hair, her music. And the fact she is sinking so low to cat fights with Selena (I am not just blaming her, I guess Selena plays a part in it as well). But I don't know if she is letting fame get to her head or anything.

    Her style is okay I guess but I have a feeling that is not her, who am I to judge anyway!

    From Dolly

  2. Omg I can hardly believe that is the same girl in that Barney video. She has changed quite drastically...just wow. Selena was a cutie though! :)

    Kind of strange she's going goth-ish now...I just don't know what to make of her.

  3. Demi has made a drastic change from her Barney's days! I like the all black looks she's been wearing recently...maybe that's because I often wear all back myself!


  4. You have such a cool blog!!! I used to love Demi AND her style (lol) but all black really isn't my thing, even though it looks good.
    Whoa I used to be an obsessed barney toddler but I had no idea that was selena and demi playing those kids!!! Aghhh I should have known better lol
    Thanks for reading my blog!!!

  5. i totally agree with you about the MULBERRY BAG. it looks damn gorgeous!!!

  6. i am really really loving those boots! eee i want some but i gotta say, taylor momsen does this look the best. but i like the way demi is working it

  7. Your blog is really awesome, and you have such good style (: I love Demi's outfit here, and I lovelovelove that velvet blazer (it is velvet right? I looks velvet) I know almost absolutely nothing about Demi, but this outfit doesn't really seem very like her...


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