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How to use the fujifilm instax mini 9 is it worth the money good photos polaroid
How to use the fujifilm instax mini 9 is it worth the money cheap polaroid
How to use the instax mini 9 is it worth the money polaroid camera

I'm no pro photographer as you can probably tell by my poorly edited blog photos. But I do love a gimmick and the fujifilm instax mini 8 or 9 is a gimmick loving phototographer's dream. It's basically a regular run of the mill polaroid camera, although the polaroids are the perfect purse size AND the camera looks cute.

But is it worth the £66 price tag? Especially when the films are around £8 for ten photographs? IMO yes.
How many times do we take awesome photos on our phone never to look at them again? The only time I ever really go back and look at my phone pictures is when I'm planning on deleting a load of them. If they're extra special they make it to instagram, if not they end up being binned.

We take so many photos daily that the "magic" of getting people together to get that perfect shot has disappeared. Well not anymore. The Instax Mini 9 keeps the magic alive for 2 reasons.

1. The films are ridic expensive so you'll only want to take special photos
2. As Eminem would say "You only get one shot" - so you end up making sure each picture is worth it.

So we've covered the fact that I reckon the Instax Mini 8/9 is deffs worth the money. Now onto using it.

Surely it's just a point and shoot right?

Kind of.

With the Instax Mini you're going to want to do all you can not to waste a photo by over exposing or under exposing it.

Saying that, tip number 1 is to consider your first film as a tester. Don't expect the photo's to come out great. Get the hang of the different settings and see what impact they have on your photos.

Tip 2 - Don't always trust the settings. Sometimes setting it to sunny will leave your photos looking too dark. Or setting it to hi key will leave it looking too white/overexposed. As a general rule I normally leave it on the "indoors" setting regardless of how bright the light is around me. Obvz if I was outside on an overly bright day I'd change it. But "indoors" normally works for me.

Tip 3 - Play around with filters. These clip over the lens and, depending on which colour you can choose, give a coloured vintage effect to your photos. These filters are a steal at £5.99 on ebay.

Tip 4 -  Display your photos! A quick pinerest search for "instax mini" will give you loads of ideas. Hang them from fairy lights or pin them to a wire board. Alternatively you can buy mini albums on ebay to store them in.

Tip 5 - If you're still unsure, buy a used one! My first instax mini 8 was a used one from ebay and I saved around £20 on the price. As they're quite a gimmick a lot of people receive them as gifts and they go unused, so there's loads floating around on ebay.

Wowzers this post has become quite the essay. Kind of like an ode to the instax mini. But seriously, I really love this camera. It's completely on the other end of the spectrum to my Olympus Pen but I love them both equally!

Have you got an instax mini?


  1. Looking on ebay is a great shout! I love the idea of having a physical photo straight away. xx

    Lucy |

  2. My sister has one of these & it is fun to use but I agree about the settings/not really knowing what to expect. They do look adorable when they work though! :)

    Claire | xx

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