Friday, 2 March 2018


Why hello. I'm guessing you stumbled across this post as you're thinking of dyeing or bleaching your hair blonde at home. Or you're thinking of going from brown to blonde at a hairdresser or salon. Or you're contemplating both? Well good. As I did both.

So here's a little insight into my journey to going blonde. WARNING. If you're brown your hair will go yellow. Toner is your friend. Alas toner hasn't helped me and I'm still yellow(ish).

Anyway. Here was my ratty thin brown locks before my favourite hairdresser Helinne got her magic hands on it....
dye dyeing hair blonde from brown at home bleaching going blonde
Helinne is pretty awesome. If you're in the Northampton area and you're in need of a hairdresser she's the one. She did a grand job of a root stretch on me a while back and it got all the compliments.

I digress. The first stage of bleaching was done at home by my hairdresser. As my hair was so damaged and thin she put some sort of bleach on my hair that would give it minimal breakage but also lighten it up a lot.

The result.
stages of dying dyeing your hair blonde to brown at home bleaching bleach
It wasn't as light as I wanted but I knew it was going to have to be done in 2 stages and this was the warm "orangey" stage. I was advised to use a hell of a lot of the L'Oreal Smartbond Conditioner and to leave my hair alone for a few weeks.

I didn't listen.

I never do.

I impatiently wanted to be as blonde as possible. So when my friend suggested lightening it myself I thought it was an excellent idea. Why pay £75 when you can do it for £5 right? Wrong. Your hair will go yellow.

So I used the Schwarzkopf Live XXL in Max Blonde to lighten mine as it claims to lift your hair up to 9 levels. I don't have a picture of the result, only bad memories. It went bright yellow. Think Lisa Simpson and that was pretty much me. I even had a client meeting at work the next day and looked a mess. Sigh.

So the next day I decided to batter my hair some more and use another bottle of Schwarzkopf on it, alongside a bunch of the Bleach London Silver Shampoo.

The result.
Dye Dyeing your hair blonde from brown at home bleach home dye home bleaching
how to dye your hair blonde at home from brown brunette bleach
go from brown to blonde at home with bleach schwarzkopf max blonde
This is the stage I'm at now. It's not great by any means. The bottom of my hair is a silvery / pinky colour from the Bleach London Shampoo, whilst the top is still yellowy. I actually have an appointment with Helinne at the end of March to see what she can do about that, as I'm hoping to be as blonde as possible for the summer!

Have you ever had any hair dye disasters? Or have you bleached your hair at home from brown to blonde? Lemme know!



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