Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Too faced better than sex waterproof mascara review
too faced better than sex waterproof mascara review
Too faced better than sex waterproof brush mascara review

So a couple of weeks ago I bought the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara in a bit of defiance. Despite Benefit's They're Real being my favourite mascara ever, I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon and buy Bad Gal Bang. Partly because there was just too much hype, and partly because deep down I was probs annoyed that I wasn't one of the gagillion bloggers they sent it too.

Anyway I went rogue and parted with £19.00 in Selfridges in the hope that my lashes would be transformed into something long, fluttery and bambi esque.

They weren't.

Other than the packaging, which has little plastic water drops all over it, there really isn't anything good about this mascara.

It's clumpy. It sticks your lashes together. It smears. It clogs all on the brush (is clogs a word?). It smudges. Basically it's everything you don't want in a mascara.

I've been using it for two weeks now and it hasn't aged well either. Sometimes mascaras get better after a few uses. This doesn't.

So the moral of the story. Don't refuse to jump on the bandwagon. Sometimes the bandwagon is the place where everyone has the best lashes.


  1. I have a mini one of this and the original one. I still have tried neither. My friend loves this one actually. I personally am not faithful to mascaras so I have no problem switching to new ones. I do have some that I won't repurchase again, so there's that.

  2. this is the mascara i'm currently using and i think it's a bit crap as well (just don't want to waste and throw it away)! i wonder if the original one is actually good.. xx

  3. Ahh that's such a shame!! Will definitely be avoiding this. xx

    Lucy |

  4. It's so weird, everyone talks about how this is so amazing! xx

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