Sunday, 11 February 2018


John Lewis Wacoal Lingerie Underwear Black Lacy Bralet
John Lewis Wacoal Black Lace Underwear Lingerie Bralet

Whether you celebrate Valentine's day or not (tbf I don't normally), getting new underwear is always a win. There's something about a matching set that instantly makes you feel a bit more put together and in some cases, more confident.

So. If you've been hinting at your loved one to treat you this Valentines day, or even just in general, but reckon they won't have the slightest clue where to start - John Lewis has got your back.

Their Partners Guide To Buying Lingerie is super helpful and gives some sneaky tips for your partner to follow in order to buy you something you'd actually wear.  They even offer a plan B if all else fails!

I lucked out and received this oh-so-pretty set from Wacoal, I've been after a new Bralet for a while as my go to playsuit for a night out is prone to slipping down and I end up spending the whole night hoisting it up. A pretty bralet solves that problem, it's comfy, covers all areas and doesn't really matter if some of it is "on show".

So all in all, a job well done from John Lewis! Do you celebrate Valentines day? What are your plans?



  1. Ahh I love the idea of this! The Plan B idea is great haha. xx

    Lucy |

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