Sunday, 28 January 2018


Benefit Coralista Blush Review
Benefit cosmetics coralista blush review
Benefit cosmetics coralista blush swatches
Benefit coralista blush on cheeks

Benefit has always been one of my favourite higher end brands, ever since I purchased my first of many Hello Flawless powders I've been dabbling in their other offerings.

Their box blushes have been around for yonks, so has Coralista tbh but I'm on a blush hype at the moment so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

So it is what it says on the tin (mini cardboard box) really, a coral blush. Although it does have a hint of shimmer running through it to brighten up your cheeks.
Despite looking quite bright in the pan it's a really subtle wash of colour and definitely suits pale/fair skin, you don't need to be overly careful when applying it either as it seems to blend in really well.

As with all Benefit products, the packaging is beaut, package anything in leopard print and I'm game. It comes with the usual teeny tiny brush which I don't actually think is that bad, as well as a massive 8GEES of blush which will keep you going for a lifetime.

So for any pale skinned gals who usually steer clear of blush in fear of looking like something from the 80's - this one's for you!



  1. It takes ages to finish these up (believe me, I've tried and it took me forever!)
    Coralista used to be one of my favourite blushes when I was still sort of starting out with makeup. I wore it all the time!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. I absolutely love benefit blushes! The packaging is amazing and the blush looks so pretty on you! x

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

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