Tuesday, 26 December 2017


white floral playsuit outfit of the day girl wearing outfit post black heels
white floral playsuit outfit of the day black heels

Happy Boxing day! I hope your day has been filled with leftover meats, mince pies, and copious amounts of cheese. As I write this I'm thinking of the turkey and ham sandwich I'm going to make (and devour), along with a slice of Yule Log. 

So another Christmas has passed and we've got a whole 364 days to wait until it swings around again. My Christmas was actually pretty quiet this year, it involved unwrapping some Bronze Goddess (yasss), a trip to the pub, and a roast dinner I couldn't manage. 

Before this post becomes solely about food, a little word on my playsuit. This white flared sleeved number came from Tobi and I'm rather happy with it. It's a little bit more boob-ey than I'd normally go for and I don't often wear white, but I'm all for anything floral and it'll work well for both day and night. 
There's a tonne of playsuits on the website, it's set by default to USD but you can easily change the currency and they ship to the UK without any pesky custom charges. Wins.

Also, I feel very 2009 - 2010 posting outfit photos in my flat, I'm going to attempt to switch it up a bit in the new year and rope one of my buds into taking some outdoor photos for me. So now I'll look awkward outside as well as in!

One final note - boxing day sales. Has anyone found some reet bargains? I'm useless at trawling through all the websites.



  1. the playsuit looks lovely on you! xx

  2. You look amazing in that floral playsuit!! I love everything floral!!


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