Thursday, 7 December 2017


Leather A Line High Waisted Skirt velvet s t shirt grey checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post
Black leather a line skirt velvet pink t shirt checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post

Well it's been a long time since I've posted any form of outfit photo, mainly because I've been feeling uncomfortable (and just meh) about my body, and partly because I've been too skint to purchase new clothes. But I went on a jaunt to Rushden Lakes a couple of weeks ago where I went crazy and ventured out of my comfort zone with this leather A-Line skirt and checked (checkered?) blazer. Not sure if I'm feeling the outfit as a whole, maybe once I'm feeling a bit more confident I'll embrace it. For now I'll just inwardly grimmace whenever I see myself.

On a completely unrelated note and a bit more of a "lets get down and personal" one, you may have seen me tweeting incessantly, or at least a bit more often than not, about mental health recently. As someone who suffers with my own personal mental health issues, it's something I've previously shied away from talking about because I've either been so completely overwhelmed by it, or I've embraced the stigma and became sort of embarrassed. Which is ridiculous and I want that to change. Asap ideally.

So recently I've had a bit of an epiphany and wanted to open up about mental health in general, speak about my diagnosis, and reach out to others who are going through similar sort of stuff. Soooo I bit the bullet and made a mental health youtube channel and I'm thinking of maybe incorporating the subject into my blog, which would mean after eight whole years of blogging I might finally get a bit more thought provoking - who knows.



  1. You look fabulous, you really do, although I know what it's like to feel a bit low on the body confidence side so I totally get you. Well done on making the channel, thats a brave move but a good one, I'll be watching :) xx

  2. You look absolutely incredible; absolutely love that skirt! Also kudos to you for creating the YouTube channel - I'm sure it'll help so many people! Subscribed x

    Lizzie |

  3. You look amazing. I love that skirt. Good luck with your YouTube channel!

    Corinne x

  4. If you feel comfortable doing so then you should definitely talk mental health on your blog. The more people who speak out the better!

    Abigail Alice x

  5. You look so beautiful Eloise! I completely understand what it feels like to feel low on the body confidence. I definitely don't feel confident, ever, so I totally get you! Good luck with your YouTube channel, I'll definitely be watching! :) xx Laura

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