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schwarzkopf got 2 b hair product review drugstore cheap
schwrzkopft got 2 b hair care review hair growth cheap drugstore

As much as I love a good "high end" hair product, especially a mask, sometimes the highstreet (or drugstore) just get it right. I've been using the Schwarzkopft Live hair dye in Urban Brown for over a year now, alongside a lot of their styling products. So I thought I'd put together my top five cheaper hair products for when you're working on a budget!

Got2b Playful Styling Primer

Like all Got2b products, this smells rather nice. It says you can put it on dry or damp hair before styling, but I've only ever tried it before blowdrying. Basically is makes your hair super easy to style after using. I find that if I use a curling wand after applying this, the curls last soooo much longer and the product doesn't build up at all so you're not left with that unwelcome greasy look that some products give you.

Got2b Big Volume Push Up Volumising Spray

If you're one of the minority that watch my youtube videos, then you'll know I've been using this for yonks. It really is the best hairspray I've ever used. Again, it smells like sweets and it gives amazing hold without being crispy af. It seems to last forever too AND you can normally get it on offer in supermarkets. Win.

Got2b Glam Force High Hold Hairspray

This one's probably better for when you're wearing your hair up. As it's "high hold" it's not as airy as the Big Volume push up spray but it holds in a topknot pretty darn well. I use this in the morning at around 7am and my hair's still in place when I get back from work at around 5:30.

Got2b Powderful Volumising Styling Powder

I use this in freshly washed hair to add texture and give a "toussled" look, I've tried volumising powders in the past that feel really gritty and leave your hair almost looking dirty, but this pretty much does what it says on the bottle by giving a tonne of volume without making your hair really matte and dry.

Got2b Oilicious Styling Oil

Wowzers, this stuff is incredible. It does exactly what Morroccan Oil did for my hair at a fraction of the price (a mere £3). It contains argan oil and a few pesky silicones BUT it leaves my hair frizz free and a heck of a lot smoother than the static mess I get without using it. Plus it smells like holidays which can only be a good thing.

Have you tried any Got2b products? Which are your favourites?


  1. Someones a Got2b fan! I've tried the hairspray before but got a dodge spray nozzle so had to bin it. The powder is amazing for volume!! My sister swears by it. (I just use it on the rare occassion i go on a night out!)

    Leanne @ Leanne Marie - Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

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