Sunday, 5 March 2017


I've wanted hair extensions forever, and it wasn't until I made the silly decision to chop all my hair off in September that it became more of an obsession with getting my long locks back. So I finally bit the bullet and had a consultation at Vivid Hair a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday at 1pm my dreams of a long thick barnet became a reality.

I asked a couple (or a lot) of questions before and whilst having them done, so I thought I'd share the little bit of knowledge I've obtained.

Are Hair Extensions Expensive?

Yes. If you want quality extensions fitted by a professional then you're going to have to fork out the dolla. Ideally you want to use the best hair possible, and that comes at a price.  So you're looking at anything from £250 - £350, depending on whether you get a half or full head. I'd recommend finding a salon or stylist that uses Beauty Works Hair too.

Will The Extensions Match My Hair?

Yes! Even my hair, which is a mix of 32321 blonde and brown shades was matched pretty well. Your stylist should go through loads of sample extensions with you to find the best fit, and if they don't - run and find another salon!

How Long Will Hair Extensions Last?

I've had Pre Bonded Extensions which are glued in, and they'll last up to five months depending on how well they're looked after. You can also have Micro Ring hair extensions which cost the same and will last up to eight months. I didn't go for these as my hair's quite thin and the rings wouldn't grip very well.

How Often Can I Wash Extensions?

In order to keep them in good condition, it's advised to wash your hair once a week. As they're not fitted to the top layer of your hair, you can always just wash this part a bit more if you find your crown is getting a bit greasy.

Can I Swim With Extensions In?

It's best that you don't, as the chlorine can turn the extensions green and also mess with the bonds.

Can I Still Use Silver Shampoo?

A question I needed the answer to as I use it on the regular! I was told to try not too, but again if I really felt the need, to just use it on the crown of my head.

Can I Still Dye My Roots?

If you bleach your hair then it's likely you'll get some re-growth during the 5 months the extensions are in. You can't dye where the extensions are, but you can always have your T-Section bleached or highlighted to hide the roots.

So I hope that's been a bit helpful if you're thinking of taking the plunge and getting extensions fitted. I'm so happy with mine and couldn't recommend Vivid Hair more!



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