Saturday, 11 March 2017


I've put together a little collection of things I'd purchase if I won the lottery, a sort of unobtainable-for-now wishlist if you will. Whilst the gucci, mulbs, and olympus pen bags are the norm, I'd also like Mr Motivator to be my PT, and a chihuahua to keep me company. Oh and those Doc Martin Shoes will be mine at some stage.

I'm not a huge gambler though, I've played the lottery a handful of times, tried my hand at bingo twice (and lost), and eagerly scratched away with a 1p piece at a scratchcard or two but I'm not the luckiest of people. In fact I'm pretty unlucky.
But constantly hearing the phrase "we'll do that when we win the lottery", I thought it might be time to get involved, after all, you can't win something if you don't enter in the first place.

So I was approached by the lovely folk at lotto land and asked if I fancied a peruse around their site, it basically works like a regular lottery but you "bet" on the numbers rather than purchasing a ticket, meaning you can try your luck out on the Irish Lottery, or the American Powerball, whilst sitting at your laptop in the UK, or any other country for that matter.

You do everything through lottoland itself, so if you bet on 6 numbers and it happens to be you're lucky day, they'll pay you rather than the official lottery operator, and they match up the prize value too. It actually works out better than buying a lottery ticket, as you can get involved in draws all over the world, and lotto land can offer free bets and extra features (like a double whammy of a jackpot!).

But how do they afford that? I hear you cry. Well it works on an insurance model meaning every single bet is insured and the larger wins are covered by insurance.

Simple no? So if you fancy a dabble in the Australian, American, or even the French lotto, have a peep at Lottoland, obvz Ts&Cs and gambling conditions apply.

What would be on your lottery wishlist?



  1. Loving the little chihuahua just sitting there amongst all the pretty things haha x

  2. I agree with the Olympus bag... Apparently some John Lewis stores have them in the sale xx

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